Wateree River Correctional Institution


Offender Mail

  Offender's Legal Name Offender Number
  Offender's Unit Name Within the Facility
  Wateree River Correctional Institution
  P.O. Box 189
  Rembert, SC 29128

Offender Money

The South Carolina Department of Corrections offers several different options for depositing funds into an offenders trust account. The SCDOC operates a centralized deposit facility in Columbia.

By Mail

The South Carolina Department of Corrections accepts only money orders that have been issued by the United States Post Office, Canada Post, or Western Union. No other issuer is accepted.



  • Canadian Postal Money Order in US FUNDS
  • United States Postal Money Order
  • Western Union Money Order

X Any payment type not listed above
X Offender Correspondence or other items


  • Cooper Trust Fund for Offender Name Offender Number

A deposit slip is required.

Be sure to complete all information requested.

Deposit Slips may be obtained:

  Cooper Trust Fund
  P.O. Box 102111
  Columbia, SC 29221-5011

Delivery Address for mailed deposits

Please mail completed deposits, along with the deposit slip to the following address:

  Cooper Trust Fund
  P.O. Box 102111
  Columbia, SC 29221-5011

Deposits are not accepted at any other address, and will be returned to the sender. Likewise, offender correspondence is not accepted at the Cooper Trust Fund, and it will be returned to the offender as well.

Electronic Options

You will need to know the offender's name and offender number to make an electronic payment.

Western Union Quick Collect

  Pay To: South Carolina Department of Corrections
  Code City: SCDOC
  Code State: SC


Make a deposit with your Credit or Debit Card. Visa, Discover, or MasterCard Card accepted. Please inform the agent that the payee is the South Carolina Department of Corrections.

External Links

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