Maui Community Correctional Center


Jail Facility Note

This is a jail facility. In addition to other types of criminals and felons, A jail houses those who have not had the benefit of a trial to address the charges filed against them. In the United States, one has the opportunity to be tried for the charges against them, and is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Once proven guilty, the offender is sentenced. A sentence may include anything ranging from a fine, a jail sentence, or a sentence to a state or federal prison.

Facility Address

We were not able to find specific mailing instructions for this facility. The address below is an "educated guess" based on the address that we found on the website, as well as how mail to a facility is usually addressed. It is possible that your mail could be returned, but we hope this information is good enough to get your letter delivered. You may wish to ask the reipient for the correct address in your letter, so that future letters are addressed properly.

There may be a link to the facility website below so that you can examine the site for yourself and make a decision as to how to address your mail. There may also be a telephone number on the site that you can call for more information.

  Recipient Name, Recipient Number
  Maui Community Correctional Center
  600 Waiale Drive
  Wailuku, HI 96793

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