James River Correctional Center, Virginia


Offender Mail

  Offender's Full Name
  Offender's Six-digit Identification Number
  James River Correctional Center
  State Farm, VA 23160

Offender Money

By Mail



  • Cashier's Check
  • Certified Check
  • Government Check
  • Money Order
  • Refund Checks from Businesses

X Cash
X Personal Checks

Delivery Address for mailed deposits

Please mail deposits to the address above. You may wish to indicate that you are sending a deposit on the outside of the envelope.

Western Union Quick Collect

  Pay To: Virginia Dept of Corrections
  Code City: VADOC
  Code State: VA
  Account Number: Offender Number/Offender Last Name
  Attention: Offender's First Name and Last Name

Access Secure Deposits


Credit and Debit Cards

Make a deposit with your Credit or Debit Card. Visa, Discover, or MasterCard Card accepted.

Cash Deposits in Person

Please contact Jpay for cash deposit instructions.

External Links

Virginia Department of Corrections [1]

Offender Mail: http://www.vadoc.state.va.us/offenders/prison-life/mail.shtm
Offender Money By Mail: http://www.vadoc.state.va.us/offenders/prison-life/faqs.shtm
Offender Money, Electronic Options: http://www.vadoc.state.va.us/offenders/accounts/inmateaccts.shtm
Offender Locator: http://www2.vipnet.org/cgi-bin/vadoc/doc.cgi
Victim Services: http://www.vadoc.state.va.us/victim/
Offender Telephone: http://www.vadoc.state.va.us/offenders/prison-life/faqs.shtm
Parole Information: http://www.vadoc.state.va.us/offenders/community/offices.shtm
Former Offender Information: http://dce.virginia.gov/Resources/CTE/Resource_Directory/

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