James A. Musick Facility


Jail Facility Note

This is a jail facility. In addition to other types of criminals and felons, A jail houses those who have not had the benefit of a trial to address the charges filed against them. In the United States, one has the opportunity to be tried for the charges against them, and is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Once proven guilty, the offender is sentenced. A sentence may include anything ranging from a fine, a jail sentence, or a sentence to a state or federal prison.

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Sending Mail

  Inmate Name, Booking Number
  James A. Musick Facility
  13502 Musick RD
  Irvine CA 92618

Inmate Money

By Mail



  • Money Orders
  • Government Checks (note)

(note) Government Checks must be made payable, and mailed to the inmate, who will need to endorse the check.

X Cashiers Checks
X Official Checks
X Payroll Checks
X Personal Checks
X Travelers Checks


  • Orange County Sheriff's Department

Please write the following directly on the payment, on the reference line.
Inmate Name
Inmate Booking Number

Please clearly write the following on the envelope:

  • Complete Return Name
  • Complete Return Address

Delivery Address for mailed deposits

Please mail completed deposits to the inmate at the address above.

In Person

There is no cashier at the James A. Musick Facility. Please look below for where to deliver your deposit.



  • Cash
  • Money Orders

Payment Locations

Payments may be delivered to the Central Jail Complex or the Theo Lacy Branch Jail, regardness of where the inmate may be housed.

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