Coastal State Prison


Offender Mail

  Offender Name Offender Number
  Coastal State Prison
  PO BOX 7150
  GARDEN CITY, GA 31418-7150

Additional Mail Information

  Please write inmate location
  below the postage stamp.
  (five digit housing location)
  e.g. NA123
  The inmate can only possess
  a total of twenty (20) photographs
  at any one time.

A site visitor sent in the following message: "I called and got this info this morning (07/25/2010)... (facility address) ... They told me to write that number below the stamp. They can only have a total of 20 pictures. "

This submission was received without a website or other facility verification. You may wish to contact the facility for further information.

Facility Telephone

We are providing the telephone number for the facility so that you can call and determine the correct address for sending offender correspondence.

  Telephone Number: (912) 965-6330

Offender Money

The Georgia Department of Corrections offers several different options for depositing funds into an offenders trust account. The GADOC operates a centralized deposit facility in Atlanta.

By Mail


Recommended by editor of

  • Postal Money Order


  • Money Order

Editor's note: The GADOC website was pretty vague on accepted / rejected payment types. They did mention money orders.

They also had a picture of a postal money order on their website. Therefore we suggest sending them a postal money order.


Payments missing a voucher will be returned to the sender!!!

Go to this site to get a voucher:

The computer system will allow you to print three vouchers to a page.

Delivery Address for mailed deposits

Please do not mail offender correspondence such as cards and letters to this deposit address! We have guessed an address above, and added a phone number so that you can determine the best place to send your correspondence to the offender.

Please mail completed deposits, along with the voucher to the following address: Please do NOT include ANYTHING else in the envelope. Only the payment and the voucher!

  GA Dept of Corrections
  PO Box 405699
  Atlanta GA 30384-5699

Deposits are not accepted at any other address, and will be returned to the sender.

Western Union Quick Collect

Available in places such as Kroger and Rite Aid.

  Pay To: Georgia Dept Corrections
  Code City: GADOC
  Code State: GA
  Senders Account Number: Offender NumberOffender Last Name

Note: There is no space between the Offender Number and last name.

For the following example the offender's Last Name is Williamson, and his offender number is 123456.


There is a 15 character limit for the Sender's Account Number blank, so just add as much of the last name as you can, don't worry about the rest of the last name after you have reached the 15 character limit.


Credit and Debit Cards

Make a deposit with your Credit or Debit Card. Visa, Discover, or MasterCard Card accepted. You will need the offenders name and DOC number.

Cash Deposits in Person

Cash Deposits to Jpay may be made using the following services. You may wish to contact Jpay for full deposit instructions before using one of these services.


Deposits (including cash) can also be made at MoneyGram agent locations nationwide using an express payment form. Please include the following information.

  Receive Code: 6857
  Account Number: Offender NumberLast Name
  Message: Offender Number Offender Last Name, Name of Facility, Payment Type

Note: There is no space between offender number and last name in the account number.

  Receive Code: 6857
  Account Number: 12345Smith
  Message: 12345 Smith, Cooper Facility, Inmate

Wal-Mart and CVS are agents for MoneyGram.

ACE Cash Express

Available throughout the United States. Contact for a nearby location.

  Important Information
  Bill Payment to: Georgia Dept of Corrections
  You will need the Offender Number

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